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Agricultural, food and beverages: Oregon’s mild climate, good soil and plentiful water resources make it a major producer of agricultural and wood products. Good ingredients serve the food and beverage sector. Oregon is known for its craft beer, wine, seafood and innovative food products.


Athletic & Outdoor Products: The climate and extensive natural areas encourage an active lifestyle among Oregonians which has led to the growth of an athletic & outdoor industry — with global leaders Nike and Columbia Sportswear calling Oregon home.


Technology: Like its West Coast neighbors, Oregon has a strong high technology business sector — led by Intel’s largest global location — and enjoys a strong start-up ecosystem.


Oregon Exports to Asia, by Industry Sector (2018)

Oregon Exports to Asia, by Industry Sector (2018)


Featured Oregon Exporter: Schmidt's Naturals

Schmidt’s Naturals, founded in Portland, found a receptive market among Japan’s health-conscious consumers.

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