Japanese Investment in Oregon


Oregon benefits from Japanese Investment:

Foreign investment provides capital, knowhow, and markets for Oregon businesses preparing them to succeed in global markets and create jobs for Oregonians.


Featured Japanese Investor: Subaru

Subaru, a brand of Fuji Heavy Industries, located their 600,000 square foot West Coast master distribution center at the Port of Portland's Gresham Vista Business Park.

Photo credit: Port of Portland

Investment by Industry Sector

There are more than 135 Japanese companies located throughout Oregon. Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and food processing are key industries for Japanese companies in Oregon. Others include technology services, bioscience, athletic & outdoor, industrial, chemical and logistics.


Japanese Investment in Oregon By Industry Sector

Japanese Businesses Throughout the State

Japanese investment locations largely mirror existing business patterns in Oregon. While most numerous in the counties surrounding Portland and in the Willamette Valley, several Japanese businesses have found their ideal location outside the metro area. RDO-CalBee foods makes popular potato-based snack foods in Hermiston, while Masami Foods has settled down in Klamath Falls.


JRO Business Attraction Activities

JRO works closely with Business Oregon’s recruitment officers to expand and retain Japanese investment. The timing is right. As population growth in Japan has passed its peak, Japanese companies are looking abroad for continued growth.


Primary activities include:

  • Lead generation
  • Market intelligence
  • Communications assistance with Japanese businesses
  • Activities promoting Oregon as a business location

JRO is the first point of contact for Japanese businesses looking at Oregon as a business location. Being able to respond to inquiries in Japanese, from Tokyo, provides a distinct advantage. Over the years, JRO has built up an extensive network of contacts in key industry sectors that help spread the word about Oregon.


Japanese businesses learn about Oregon from JRO promotional activities at Japanese trade shows and at U.S. Commercial Service Select USA events.


The annual Doing Business in Oregon Seminar in Tokyo introduces Japanese prospective investors to Oregon. Japanese business leaders currently enjoying success in Oregon join Oregon officials to share their experiences on why Oregon works for their companies.